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觀察中國社會現象----鬥狗氾濫 Dog fighting as entertainment in China Society


  • 事實:中國沒有禁止動物打鬥的立法






  • 奇怪的社會價值----鬥狗當成文化傳承



¢狗的主人胡志方因養狗斗狗,在當地乃至周邊數省頗有名氣。據他說,自己打小跟家里人調弄狗,還被市公安局招進警犬隊工作過兩年。1998年底,他不顧家人反對,變賣了家里的房子,另外借了五六萬元錢,在 ... 老胡有時候會在街頭幫人家的狗配種,賺點小錢 ... - 22k - 補充資料 - 頁庫存檔 - 類似網頁
¢ 狗的主人胡志方因养狗斗狗,在当地乃至周边数省颇有名气。据他说,自己打小跟家里人调弄狗,还被市公安局招进警犬队工作过两年。他的做法得到了一些民俗学者的首肯。据学者考证,当地在宋朝时,就有这种玩法,清代《开封志-仆考里城》称———北门内()里城八()院常设“鸡坑”(斗鸡场子)数十,“扑犬(斗狗)厂”近十间。槽门,宋门外,大相国寺门左,运粮河东营厂等各均常设“扑犬”赌场数处。2300年“七朝古都”,使得斗狗、斗鸡、斗蛐蛐、玩鸟这类营生很有些市场。

an proposal mail letter  sent to UN suggest China establish anti-animal fighting law


¢Dear Administrator of UN,


¢I saw CNN news from Taiwan of the foot ball star NFL Michael Vick dogfight cruelly news,
But do u know in China the dog fighting is a public show as entertainment for society?
They sale 10 RMB each ticket for watching the dog fighting,people acted excitemented
You may check the pages which i searched from google by Chinese , linking into any page is bleeding pictures =
Some government history experts even encouraged to a professional dog-lighting couple of they are carry forward Chinese culture,they said this is like as history as chicken-fighting and cricket-fighting
This news reporting it in positive way said like a special historical job to them doing dogfighting

and some doing as a living long term job to make income from dogfighting the news reported in positive way. =
dog-fighting is most outrage and barbaric behaviour in the world ,how come china society they see it as a history culture?and enjoying it as a public entertainment?it's so sad to know that.can u UN do some thing for china dogs live right the the society value?
¢this weeks CNN reported the foods and drug from china is lower quality control and safety
but if u imaging they ever don't understand dog fighting is barbaric,eat cat in restaurant etc,
then the employees whom working in the factories all came from the such environment society ,
how can they understand put a serious heart on the products or manufacturing things?
¢please kindly for help for the problem i proposal above,just wish my friends in china deserve better life
¢and refer my point to china official department for suggestion to establish a law for anti-animal fighting.
¢many thanks
Cindy Hsu from Taiwan 
¢Mail Box No.3-77 Taipei City Taiwan +886938333449




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